Black Pants – not off the list

Last time I shared my closet wishlist with you. One of the items on the list is a pair of black pants. I removed my only pair from my closet, because the fit wasn’t quite right. So, I had no black pants. Autumn is around the corner and it was my intention to get pants that I could wear all through winter. If you want to see Belinda and I discussing our lists, follow this link:

In the meantime I went to Potchefstroom ( a little university town) to help my daughter move into a new flat. She has very little closet space, but she absolutely loves clothes and never wants to part with any – even if it doesn’t fit. I had no expectations of her purging her closet. She surprised me by not only initiating a purge, but being brutal. She let a lot of stuff go.

what is left of her summer wardrobe

I usually don’t fit in any of her clothes – she is a size smaller than me and also shorter. She got rid of a lot of cool clothing, but I didn’t think that I could get use out of any of it. To my delight she had a pair of black pants that were a bit too big for her. I tried them on and they fit! I love that they are high waisted and loose fitting. The rest of the clothes that she removed, she donated to our second hand clothing store,

her donation

There were things I had to consider, before taking them. They are made locally in South Africa, but they are from a fast fashion brand. Also the fabrics used to make the garment are polyester and spandex – not a natural fiber in sight. And lastly, I won’t be able to wear them in winter.

I can overlook the brand and the fabrics because I didn’t buy them and neither did my daughter. She was gifted a lot of clothes by someone who didn’t fit in them anymore. I am also saving them from a landfill.

I don’t have a pair of black pants in my closet. So, I decided that if I can get five different tops to wear with these black pants, they are still worth keeping.

I easily found five tops that I can pair with the pants. And I think I definitely have more that five – black pants go with almost everything. I have to keep a pair of black pants on my list though – for winter.

Matilda xo

The Urge to Purge

7 January 2020

I’ve already cleaned the fridge/freezer and the oven. Every beginning of a new year I get the itch to organise, clean and also get rid of things I don’t need or want anymore. I haven’t purged my closet recently, except to remove damaged clothes. They had to be really beyond repair. The most important reason for this is that I had so little clothes for a while that I just kept everything. (You can read more about that in my previous blog post Then the tide changed, but I didn’t. So now I have an urge to purge.

My summer wardrobe before the purge

My winter clothes are packed away, so this process will only involve my summer wardrobe. I excluded active wear and I only have three T-shirts, so I will be hanging on to them too. I also left out my jeans, because I rarely wear jeans in summer.

I took the first step and removed all the items I wear regularly. This is a pile of clothes that I love. The clothes that I know I will wear for a long time.

After I removed the clothes I wanted to keep

Next I made a pile of clothes that I wasn’t sure about. I asked myself what I didn’t like about each item and why I wanted to keep them. Do they have sentimental value, or do I feel guilty about not wanting to keep perfectly good clothing? If I was still unsure, I would try it on and decide then.

Everything else that was still left in my closet, I took off the hangers and folded them. I didn’t even look at them again until the keep pile was back in my closet.

The little pile on the left is for my daughter and the rest is going to our second hand store:

Most of the give away pile is going to our second hand clothing store – My daughter, Karla, will get the few items she’s been nagging me about.

My closet after the purge

I now have 31 items of clothing in my closet. The next step will be to mindfully make a list of clothes I need and want. I really don’t want stuff in my closet that I don’t wear. I want to make better choices.

And of course I will always try to first find what I am looking for at thrift stores. If I have to buy new it will be from a slow fashion brand.

Matilda xo